February Staff Picks

Tasha’s Pick

The Book with no Pictures by B.J. Novak

The Book with no picturesThis book will have you and your children rolling on the floor in no time. With words like Glurr-Ga-Wocko and Blork you will quickly have an unexpected case of the sillies. Young children will be amazed at how much fun a book can be, even without pictures. Novak’s book offers a unique look at the role words in a book have and opens the door to endless possibilities in the world of reading.

Karen’s Pick

A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab

A Darker Shade of magic

I originally caught wind of this when I was browsing the list of nominated books for the ALA Alex Award. I didn’t know a thing about it but really loved the title! I picked it up off a whim, and was so very glad I did. This is a quirky, magic-fantasy book that has some interesting character development. In a nut shell: Kell, a magician, and Lila, a thief, pair up and go on a multi-world, treacherous  journey. “Grey London is dirty, boring, lacks magic, ruled by mad King George. Red London is where life and magic are revered, and the Maresh Dynasty presides over a flourishing empire. White London is ruled by whoever has murdered their way to the throne. People fight to control magic, and the magic fights back, draining the city to its very bones. Once there was Black London—but no one speaks of that now”. Schwab is a masterful world builder, so if you enjoy a well-developed setting, characters that evolve as they journey, and a turbulent fantasy laced with dark aspects, then this novel is for you!

Chelsea’s Pick

Shadow Scale by Rachel Hartman

With trilogies being such a big “thing” in YA literature these days, it’s refreshing when an author knows that their story is better told in
just two books. Too often, perfectly good stories are ruined by being stretched too thin into a three book deal. I was thrilled to discover the conclusion of Seraphina’s story in “The Shadow Scale.” This award-winning fantasy novel Shadow Scalerevolves around a world where dragons and humans are struggling maintain a tentative peace. Seraphina, a secret human/dragon halfbreed, finds herself as a key player in the fight to keep the peace. A well-written fantasy to its very conclusion—this YA fantasy duology is a definite must-read for adults as well!

Leesy’s Pick

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

Ready Player OneI love the young adult novel “Ready Player One” for the unique way the author intertwines the 90’s geek culture with a futuristic sci-fi world. Drab reality now only exists as a means to function the virtual reality called OASIS. Where education is taught on the school planet and real businesses run on virtual transactions. In the online OASIS universe, everyone is engaged in a decade’s long competition to the win the title and fortune of the deceased creator. The author incorporates pop culture into the very foundation of the virtual world as well as the puzzles that the low class protagonist Wade and the other occupants of the universe have to solve. If you have ever played video games, then you can relate to the desire that comes with the need to be the first to find all of the hidden Easter-eggs. Especially when there is the promise of power and fortune, as is the case for Wade and his teammates if their endeavors are successful.

Debbie’s Pick

Color Recipes for Painted Furniture by Annie Sloan

Color recipes for painted furnitureMy recommendation for February is Color Recipes for Painted Furniture by Annie Sloan.   Out with the New and In with the Old!  Yes, I have that right!  Annie Sloan’s book will show you how to take chalk paint and give old furniture, your floors, plain walls and even upholstered furniture a new life.  She gives plenty of information to accomplish the task without making you feel like you are reading a manual.  As always, this book is great to use as a “how to” book or just enjoy the beautiful pictures and great decorating ideas!


The Cherokee Regional Library System is proud to announce that their Dade County Library Branch has been named a finalist for Library Journal’s 2016 Best Small Library in America award. The honor comes with a $10,000 cash award to fund continued excellence in the library field.

According to the article on Library Journal, the Dade County Library stood out from the vast array of strong nominees due to their focus on innovative programming and collaboration with the local community. The full article can be accessed here.

Dade County Staff
Dade County Library Staff; Photo Credit: Holt Webb

The Dade County Library has served as a state model on various pilot projects with the assistance of the Georgia Public Library Service, including the ambitious Prime Time Preschool project. This project paid to bring several young families to the library, many for the first time. Innovative materials such as the Innovation Station, Children’s Discovery Centers, and outdoor games for checkout made a big impression on the award’s panel of judges.

Most notably, the Dade County Public Library is beloved by its community. When library funding failed due to the financial devastation of the April 2011 tornado, the local community raised $52,777 over a period of two years to keep the library open until government funding could be restored.

“The Dade County Library would not even be open without the support and love of the local community and they certainly would never have received this award without them,” says Lecia Eubanks, Library Director. “The extent to which the library is used, the number of new patrons each year, and the financial support of its funding agencies and patrons all made the Dade County Library stand-out as one of the top three best small libraries in all of America.”

The Dade County Library invites the local community to come celebrate our national recognition as Best Small Library in America Finalist. A reception will be held at the library on February 12th at 10am

Free e-books and audiobooks on Overdrive

Are you tired of the free self-published books available for download on Kindle?

Did you know that you can download free QUALITY ebooks and audiobooks on Overdrive?

Overdrive is a subscription service paid for by the library on your behalf. They have the most popular authors, and regularly add new books to the collection.

You can choose to search for books that are available right now, or you can put popular books on hold and they will be downloaded to your device automatically when it becomes available.

Overdrive is available for Kindles, Androids, Apple products, and many more. The Overdrive app is available on the App Store.

Why buy e-books when you can check them out through the library for free? Just click here to get started today.

PRE-K Information Fair at LaFayette Library

preschool fair!
Join us on Thursday, January 28th for the first annual Pre-K Fair! This is a collaborative drop-in event, designed to educate parents on the Pre-K options that are currently offered in the LaFayette area. Parents will be able to meet the program facilitators, learn about their health check requirements, and speak to health officials about immunizations and health checks. Ultimately, we hope to provide parents with enough information that they can make a choice as to the right direction for their child. This event starts at 5pm and runs until 7pm