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Lego Robotics Club at LaFayette-Walker Co. Public Library

The Lafayette-Walker County Library is proud to present this 4 week course on Lego Mindstorms Robotics! Hosted by Mr. James, this robotics group will start at the very basic beginning and work through to more advanced programming.

LEGO Mindstorms are robotic building sets that uses Technic, a more versatile LEGO building system using beams, pins, gears and axles. EV3 is the 3rd generation robot in the Lego Mindstorms robotic line. In addition to the standard Technic building blocks, Mindstorms has three electric motors, five sensors, data cables and a “Brick”. The idea behind Mindstorms is that youth of any age can build, program, test, and modify robots.

Here is our proposed schedule:

Week 1: Partner off into groups, and build the basic robotic model.
Week 2: Working with your partners, learn how to do basic robotic commands.
Week 3: Going online, we will work to modify our robotic creations and program them to do special activities.
Week 4: Each group will present to the others what they decided to do and talk about their experiences programing!

Registration is open currently, and will end on Monday, December 19th. Click here to register now!

The program will start on January based on popular dates and times in the registration process. Each registrant will be contacted to confirm their spot in the program. First come, first served as registration is limited to 9 tweens/teens.

Let the building begin!


On Thursday night, Cherokee Regional Library Board of Trustees voted to restore Saturday hours for the Rossville and LaFayette branches. This is the first time in several years that all four branches of the Cherokee Regional Library System are open on Saturdays. The change is effective August 1st.

The Rossville Library will be returning to branch status by increasing their hours open from 18 hours a week to 30 hours a week.  This decision was made possible due to a generous donation and upcoming additional funding from local funding agencies.

The LaFayette-Walker County Branch will be rearranging their 30 hours open to include Saturdays.

“The Community let us know it was important for us to be open on Saturdays. We are delighted to be in a position to make it happen,” says Director Lecia Eubanks.

Cherokee Regional Library System Hours

LaFayette-Walker Co. Public Library
Mondays: 10-6
Tuesdays: 10-7
Thursdays: 1-7
Fridays: 11-2
Saturdays: 10-2

Rossville Public Library
Tuesdays: 9-6
Wednesdays: 9-5
Thursdays: 10-7
Saturdays: 10-2

Chickamauga Public Library
Tuesdays: 9-7
Thursdays: 9-6
Fridays: 9-5
Saturdays: 9-12

Dade County Public Library
Tuesdays: 9-7
Thursdays: 9-6
Fridays: 9-4
Saturdays: 10-2

Introducing Mango Languages

Cherokee Regional Library is pleased to announce that it now offers the Mango Languages online language-learning system to its patrons.

Mango is free for all library patrons and can be accessed anywhere with an Internet connection. Each lesson combines real life situations and audio from native speakers with simple, clear instructions. The courses are presented with an appreciation for cultural nuance and real-world application by focusing on the four key elements of language learning: vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, and culture.

Mango offers access to 60 foreign language courses and 17 English courses taught completely in the user’s native language. In addition to traditional language courses, Mango also offers access to a variety of specialty mini courses, like Pirate, Medical Spanish and romance courses. Mango can be accessed at the library, remotely, or even on-the-go with apps for iPhone®, Android™, Kindle® and Nook®.

We are thrilled to join the growing list of libraries across the country that offer Mango to their patrons. Some people need to learn a second language for business or travel. Others want to for personal or professional development. No matter the reason, learning a language should be fun. With Mango, it definitely is.

To learn more about Mango, stop by the library and ask a librarian for an introduction. Or, get started today by clicking here!