New Assistive Technology

The Cherokee Regional Library System has received three very awesome assistive technology devices to help overcome the barriers that visually impaired individuals experience. These devices will rotate between our four branch libraries during 2016, with the hope that if the items become popular, more shall be purchased in the future. These items are available for use in the library only.

January-March: Rossville Public Library
April-June: Chickamauga Public Library
July-September: Dade County Public Library
October-December: LaFayette-Walker Co. Public Library

The MagniLinkS is a portable, near and distant magnification device MagniLinkS
that is used for reading and viewing printed material on the desktop (near) or viewing a whiteboard or lecture across a room (distant). Whether it is used with a laptop/computer (PC/Mac) or in the stand-alone configuration with a monitor, the MagniLinkS can be easily moved and set-up to meet the needs of the user or facility. With the camera pointed down and the lens closed, printing material on the desktop can be magnified for ease of viewing. With the camera pointed perpendicular to the desktop and the lens opened, distant objects or people across a room can be zoomed into (magnified) for ease of viewing.
MagniLinkThe MagniLink Voice is a portable, text-to-speech system that is used for reading aloud printed text. In other words, any printed text such as books, documents, magazines can be accessed (heard) by blind and visually impaired individuals. The underlying technology is commonly referred to as OCR (Optical Character Recognition).

Mobile Digital TouchThe Mobilux Digital Touch HDs are portable, handheld video magnifiers that allow for use in a variety of locations given their size, integrated display and battery power. They can be used in conjunction with a PC or laptop via USB connection for larger display and higher magnifications.

These items will be available for use/demonstration